You can hire a Professional Real bearded Santa for your next event in East Cobb and Metro Atlanta

Santa's Calendar is Full!

Santa's availability for 202 is now closed . Thank you for your trust in Santa Willie and I hope to see you in 2021!

Santa Claus for hire

Santa Willie is a performing Santa for hire that will bring the spirit and excitement of the holiday season to any special event in your home, office or wherever it may be! 


Santa Willie performs primarily in the East Cobb, North Atlanta area but will travel to locations in the Greater Atlanta and North Georgia area. I will make your event a memorable one for children and adults alike with my cheerful and jolly personality! Santa Willie loves what he does and is devoted to being the "Best Santa Claus" ever for your event!


Available all year round for private parties, corporate events, promotional appearances, Christmas in July, photo shoots, home visits and would love to discuss any other events you have that include Santa.

Upcoming Events for Santa Willie

Checking all the lists twice Dec 22

Packing the sleigh Dec 23

Road trip with Rudy and the rest of the reindeer! Dec 24


Christmas 2020 and COVAD - 19

It certainly is an unsettled time. I have been asked what will we do about Christmas and COVAD-19 and more specifically what will I be doing. Some of my colleagues with underlying health issues feel more at risk and are sitting this one out or doing online visits only. Others are doing social distanced visits while some others are donning masks for Santa and for the children.


My thoughts are that the group I am spending time with is at low risk for catching COVAD-19 and their faces are what the picture is all about. so, no mask is required for them. I will probably wear a festive Christmas mask for my large public gatherings and make it optional for photo shoots and home visits. I am ordering extra gloves so that I can change more frequently and will disinfect my suit daily with an alcohol-based spray. I will modify my booking sheet to indicate my precautions to reduce the risk of an infection but it always remains a possibility and you are aware of the risk. This is where I am today and as always will try to work with you to have the best experience. I have been asked these questions so I hope that helps. Santa Willie

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 Not everyone is a fan of Santa but we will work to make a Christmas memory that will be talked about for years.

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So how can I get a great Santa picture this year and still be safe. Here are some suggestions that may help to ease you concerns. First Santa will have a festive mask to wear if you are concerned with that aspect of the visit. If you want a shot without a mask that can be arranged in several ways. Small children can still get a Santa picture in Santa's lap just try to be sure that everyone is ready so that we don't take any unnecessary chances. We can also utilize some different poses that limit the close encounters such as children in Santa's chair with Santa peeking from the top or side. If there is a Christmas tree available Santa and the little ones can get some great candid shots decorating the tree. Children that might be uncomfortable with Santa can often be more at ease with a picture standing beside Santa. Group shots with Santa reading a book can be fun if you take the picture over Santa's shoulder. These are some things that I have done in the past but as always I will work with you to get that favorite shot.

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